Our approach to picking the best mutual funds
Mutual fund investing has two sources of returns (1) fundamentals represented by earnings and dividends of underlying companies, and (2) speculation , represented by wide swings in the market’s perception of these fundamentals.

Alpha Generation
Our alpha generation algorithms use fundamental analysis to select the best performing investment opportunities across mutual funds to generate long term outperformance. Our algorithms run through the financials of the underlying companies for each of the mutual funds to pick companies and sectors that have franchise value and strong profitability/cash flow characteristics. We also eliminate weak franchises/funds in the process. This methodology ensures that investors do not suffer because of biases such as 1. Manager style 2. Sector concentration 3. Corpus size 4. Life cycle of the fund.
Assets with highest composite ranks are selected on a regular basis and recommended to investors, based on their risk profile. We have adopted these investing principles from global investors, who have consistently outperformed the market and their peers.
Advisory based on proprietary ranking methodology with predictive performance characteristics factoring in individual risk preferences

1. Ranking
Filters based on profitability, cash flow, dividends, efficiency, leverage and valuation to arrive at composite ranks. Portfolio construction to ensure optimal diversification and outperformance during market downturns
2. Asset Allocation
Goal based investing based on ability and willingness of client ; time horizon based portfolios to meet specific needs such as retirement, education and vacations
3. Tactical Allocation
Tailor portfolio and change asset allocations based on market conditions. Leverage CPPI , market valuation and technical analysis to send timely alerts to investors
4. Portfolio Repair
Transition customers from legacy assets with poor performance track records. Tax loss harvesting and portfolio readjustment to align to customer goals